[The following house rules are still in a play-testing stage.  Changes are very much possible]

Special Abilities

  1. Dual-Natured: Always see on the Astral plane.  Allows for assensing the auras of living beings with the Survey skill.
  2. Immunity to aging.
  3. Immunity to nearly all mundane pathogens, toxins, drug effects, and poisons.  
  4. Astral combat: Can perform melee combat on the astral plane with the Close Combat skill.
  5. Gain two more boxes to your Edge tracker. 
  6. Enhanced hearing.  Enhanced smell.  Thermographic vision.
  7. Veteran: may purchase up to six Special Abilities from other classes.
  8. Regeneration: Each feeding heals all physical injuries by one level of harm. This is the only way vampires can heal.


  1. Severe allergy to ultraviolet-A rays (sunlight).
  2. Severe allergy to wood.
  3. Food causes extreme sickness within an hour of ingesting.  Alcohol causes extreme sickness within 15 minutes.
  4. Hunted: gain +1 heat whenever someone outside the Crew learns that you're a vampire.
  5. Loss of buoyancy in water and other liquids.
  6. Acquire four flaws.  If you suffer a fifth flaw or a level four harm, become incapacitated until you feed enough to recover.
  7. Slow Learner: gain two more boxes to all XP tracks.
  8. Vampiric Aura: those with the ability to see on the Astral Plane can recognize that you're a vampire.
  9. Holy spiritbane objects may be used to repulse vampires.

New Special Abilities available to purchase

  • Awakened Powers: Allows the purchasing any Adept powers or Vampire powers.
  • Terrible Power: Spend 1 Edge to perform a feat of superhuman speed or strength.  This factors into effect.
  • Dark Talent: Choose Body, Logic, or Presence.  Your max rating for actions under that attribute becomes five.  Add one dot to the resistance rating of that attribute.
  • Sinister Guile: During downtime, choose one: gain an additional downtime activity, or take a +1d to all downtime activity rolls.
  • Mist Form: May convert physical body into a gaseous form.  Can be maintained for up to an hour.
  • Masking: Disguise your vampiric aura.  Only those with highly trained Assensing abilities can see through your Mask.



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