Shadowrun: Chummers In Low Places

Episode Ten: The Sound of Violence
Session Ten Recap

Underground Los Espejos Command Center

Alyss, Trash Heap, and Winter Wave agree to meet Gabriel to discuss further employment after completion of the previous job of smuggling explosives into Denver.  

But the meeting is an ambush.  Enrico Trebol, a blood mage, paralyzes Alyss with a banishing spell while 4 Cuachicqueh Commandos attempt to subdue Trash Heap and Winter Wave with Defiance EX Tasers.  Winter Wave charges the commandos after vampiric misting, and Trash Heap dives for cover.

While Winter Wave fights the commandos, Trash Heap disables their weapons.  The commandos switch to their backup weapons, wooden stakes and blessed holy-baned objects.  They are prepared to fight vampires.

Still, with the help of some magic and a grenade, Winter Wave stops Enrico's spell to buy Alyss a chance to survive.  Trash Heap gets into a tussle with Gabriel and needs help from Winter Wave.

While Winter Wave deals with Gabriel, Alyss tackles the remaining commandos and orders Trash Heap to escape, but Trash Heap decides to stay and fight.  With some well-placed shots, Trash Heap takes out another commando while Winter Wave finishes off Gabriel.  

While the last commando awaits reinforcements, the crew locates the escape hatch after a quick survey and makes their escape.  Using her sprites, Trash Heap is able to bypass the security of the hatch.

Abandoned Parking Garage

After completing delivery of the final shipment of goods, Crimson, Charlie, and their cohorts, Sparkles, Spot, and Luscious also find themselves the target of an ambush.  Four more Cuachicqueh Commandos surround them and try to take them prisoner.

Crimson is ready for such an event and has her combat drone respond by quickly taking out a commando before he has a chance to react.  Charlie also springs to action, brutally ripping apart a commando with his bare hands.

Crimson recalls a conversation she had with Yaretzi, a member of Los Espejos.  Yaretzi talked about the afterlife and wondered if it was wise of her to offer herself for blood sacrifice.  Crimson opposed her doing that and tried to talk her out of it.  Crimson successfully put a lot of doubt into Yaretzi's head.

At this point, Crimson and the rest of the team realize that the commandos are trying to capture them to use as blood sacrifice in their magic rituals.

Sparkles, Spot, and Luscious manage to deal with one of the commandos before Sparkles and Spot get incapacitated.  

Charlie intimidates the last commando into surrendering by mutilating the carcass of his teammate.  Charlie orders him to strip naked and tries to interrogate him, but he doesn't know anything helpful.

Preparation Chambers

Upon exiting the escape tunnel, Winter Wave, Trash Heap, and Alyss find themselves with a small group of people wearing white robes.  They are volunteered to be sacrificed for the Aztlan cause.  

Trash Heap disables communications going in and out of the command center so that any Los Espejos in their new location are not aware of their presence.  They contact the rest of the team and relay their coordinates for pickup.  

Winter Wave recognizes Bianca and Valentino amongst the volunteers.  The Crew is still is escape mode and find the windows barred and the door locked.  

Winter Wave tries to get the guards to open the door for them by getting Trash Heap to fake a sickness.  This ruse fails horribly as the guards respond by throwing some kind of gas grenade into the chamber.  Winter Wave, who is immune to toxic gas, is able to toss the grenade back out into the hallway before the guards can close the door.

While fumbling to put on their gas masks, the guards get attacked by Winter Wave.  She makes one of them choke on the gas and the other one runs for his life.

Bianca and Valentino try to grapple Trash Heap preventing her escape.  Alyss and Winter Wave come to Trash Heap's rescue.  In a final showdown, Winter Wave smashes Bianca's head through a table, crushing her brain and killing her.  

With the exit now clear, Trash Heap and Winter Wave agree to kill off the rest of the sacrificial lambs to seriously curtail whatever blood magic ritual they were destined for.  Seeing as how there is nothing left, Alyss decides to leave this world and phases out of reality.

Bloodied and battered, Trash Heap and Winter Wave step outside of what appears to be a sorority house.  Crimson and Charlie show up in Crimson's van and The Privileged drive off into the sunset.


Trash Heap transfers her soul into the matrix and helps reuinite Nuala with Lion-O.  She allows her shell of body to be used by Winter Wave.

Winter Wave and Samantha move to a cold-climate island where they rule as mini-dictators with Trash Heap's body as a meat puppet.



The foundations of several important Denver buildings are destroyed by terrorist attacks.  The ZDF headquarters in the Hub, Broncomania Stadium, Ghostwalker Liason Office, Lakeside Casino, and the Rocky Mountain Post are among the many buildings destroyed or damaged.  Thousand of casualties are reported. Although Los Espejos and Aztlan are highly suspected, the public is not sure what happened.  

The blood magic ritual is prevented, though that is not publicly known.



Episode Nine: What If Ghostwalker Was One of Us?
Session Nine Recap


Downtime in Marseilles

  • The Privileged spend a week in Marseilles while Harlequin tampers with the fragment of the Spirit of Denver.
  • Trash Heap can't stop making disparaging cyber graffiti about Darrin.
  • Charlie overcomes the language barrier and recruits a bunch of thugs.  They try to rob a house in an affluent neighborhood but are stopped by law enforcement.  Charlie gets away but one of his makeshift crew gets arrested.
  • Winter Wave negotiates a deal with Nicolas Whitebird to return the fragment in exchange for immunity for their crimes against Ghostwalker.  Winter Wave agrees to turn herself in until the fragment can be delivered.  She spends the rest of her downtime being interrogated.  Samantha is not happy about this.
  • During interrogation, Alyss learns everything Winter Wave knows about Harlequin and The Privileged.
  • Crimson saves her downtime action for Denver.

Chateau D'if

  • The team returns to Harlequin to pick up the fragment of the Spirit of Denver.
  • Harlequin inquiries about missing Winter Wave, so Crimson has to cover for her.
  • Charlie and Trash Heap are slow to realize what happened to Winter Wave.
  • Harlequin refers the team to Gabriel of Los Espejos, saying there's a lot of work available for capable smugglers.  

Return to Denver

  • Upon arrival to Denver, the team is escorted by the ZDF to the military in the Hub.  Charlie hands over the fragment to Nicolas Whitebird.
  • Whitebird promises that Ghostwalker will adhere to his end of the bargain and drops all the charges against The Privileged.  They also release Winter Wave from their high-security medical facility.
  • Winter Wave had been "contained" very rigorously, and receives a Level 1 Harm from the overwhelming mage mask that she's had to endure for nearly a week.
  • Winter Wave immediately feeds on Trash Heap who does not resist.  Trash Heap does not get addicted to the feeding.
  • Trash Heap leaves to find Nuala with the help of Michael, Darrin's drummer band buddy.  They are illegally camping at a secluded location owned by some corporation while smoking peyote.  Trash Heap talks her way into not being kicked own and shacks up with Darrin in their own tent nearby.  Little does she know, but Lion-O is closing in on them.
  • Winter Wave loses one of his better working girls to his Yakuza bosses as she is transferred to one of their brothels.  Winter Wave accepts this and spends the rest of her downtime recruiting a suitable replacement.  
  • Charlie wants in on the Yakuza brothel action and dresses up as a sexy kimino-clad joy boy.  He has no problem getting accepted and is assigned to Aikiwa for further training.  
  • Over a formal dinner, Crimson is unable to stop Carlos from proposing to her.  She tries her best to not make a big scene out of it, but Carlos will not be deterred and doesn't let her say no.  He agrees to give her some time to think about it.

Ghostwalker vs. the Azzies

Before meeting with Gabriel, The Privileged seek out Nicolas Whitebird's guidance.  They want to get into Ghostwalker's good graces.  Whitebird doesn't trust The Privileged enough to let them handle the situation on their own, but the crew doesn't like the idea of losing control of their identities, so a compromise is made.  Alyss will use her disguising powers to operate as one of the original members of The Privileged as they investigate the Los Espejos plans.

The Privileged, under the direction of Alyss, accept the smuggling job which is to deliver up to 12 shipments of cargo from Aztlan to Denver.  The negotiated pay is 12 Cred.  The crates are filled with explosives.  Once in Denver, the crates are taken somewhere underground making tracking of the crates difficult.

Alyss decides to maintain cover because she believes there is more to the operation than the shipments of explosives.

The session ends with Ghostwalker making an unannounced appearance, jetting his way straight towards Washington DC.

Session Nine Results

  • Payoff: No score :(
  • Rep: 
  • Heat: +2 (Alyss and Nicolas Whitebird learn of Winter Wave's vampiric nature)
  • Crew XP: 
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: Winter Wave recruits a promising working girl for his stable
  • Additional losses: Winter Wave lost one of his better working girls to the Yamato Clan
  • Faction changes: None.
  • Injuries sustained: Winter Wave received Level 1 disorientation damage from prolonged exposure to a mage mask
Episode Eight: Like a Dragon Stone Smuggler
Session Eight Recap

Downtime Actions

  • Carlos Chavez sends out a mass email, promoting himself.  The Privileged support him.  Carlos has a firm lock on the leadership position of the Chavez Family in Denver.
  • Trash Heap has a tough time maintaining contact with Nuala as Darrin tries to block her off.  Darrin believes Trash Heap is a dangerous influence to the young girl.
  • Winter Wave starts up a prostitution side gig, but has to answer to Yamato Clan superiors.
  • Crimson spies on Carlos Chavez's personal pad to learn that he was behind the murder of Omar Chavez.  She also finds some notes on the pros and cons of her relationship with Carlos
  • Charlie soaks up his hunger games.  Then soaks it up some more.  Then kills one of the participants for added value.


The Privilege attempt to fly the Dragon Stone to Harlequin who lives in France.  Before they can leave Denver city limits, the Dragon Stone sends out a magical pulse alerting Ghostwalker that it is being "stolen."

Zone Defense Force interceptors close in on The Sprite as Nicholas Whitebird makes contact with the crew.  Whitebird instructions and warnings are ignored as Crimson dives deeper into the canyons to evade the charging interceptors.  Crimson opens the cargo bay doors and dumps excess cargo to make the Sprite lighter for the escape.

When it looks like the Crimson will get The Sprite to the PCC border before the interceptors can reach them, the interceptors fire two missiles at The Sprite.  Trash Heap answers with a compiles sprite that not only prevents the missiles from hitting them, but is able to redirect it to hit nearby Vale ski resort.

It looked like the coast is clear, but two air spirits manifest inside the cargo area of The Sprite.  One attacks Winter Wave and the other goes after Charlie. 

Trash Heap has researched into dealing with spirits and came prepared with armored-piercing bullets.  They aren't super effective, but they are better than nothing.  Crimson also joins in on the action with her drone that's also equipped with armor piercing bullets.

After a lot of gunfire, fists, and a well-placed backflip kick from Charlie, the air spirits are banished.  Charlie and Winter Wave receive some lingering wounds but nothing serious. The Sprite sustained very light damage.  The rest of cross Atlantic trip proves uneventful.

Chateau D'if

The delivery of the Dragon Stone takes the crew to Chateau D'if, located just minutes away from Marseilles.  There, they meet their employer, Harlequin and his assistant, Frosty.  To put an end to the "unprofessional" line of questioning, Harlequin reveals that he has dragon blood in his veins.  

Frosty pays the team in full, including throwing in a bonus because the item retrieved turned out to be much more valuable than originally believed.  

Harlequin returns after examining the Dragon Stone and reveals that it is a fragment of the Spirit of Denver.  Something that Ghostwalker will demand to be returned to him.  Harlequin offers to negotiate a deal to help the team return to Denver without being eviscerated.  Harlequin also requests that the team conduct operations to undermine Ghostwalker while Harlequin distracts him with the fragment.  But the team declines.

Harlequin offers up no reaction except to say that he knows someone else who would jump at the chance.

Session Eight Results

  • Payoff: 20 Cred, a magical dagger, and all expenses paid vacation in Marseilles for a week with usage of Harlequin's personal yacht
  • Rep: +6
  • Heat: +10 (Wild, devestating exposure, high-profile target, Harlequin and Frosty see Winter Wave's vampiric aura, armor piercing bullets are highly illegal)
  • Crew XP: 8
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: None
  • Additional losses: 2 Cred worth of cargo
  • Faction changes: None.
  • Injuries sustained: Charlie received a Level 1 Harm (Lung damage), Winter Wave received a Level 1 Harm (crushed trachea)
Episode Seven: Who Let The Barghests Out?
Session Seven Recap

Downtime Actions

  • Trash Heap tries to cope with her lack of an arm.  The rest of her crew try to console her, but Trash Heap becomes a little unhinged.
  • All the members of The Privileged take a moment out of their busy life to indulge in their vices. 
  • Crimson picks up a new drone, a realisitic looking spy pigeon.
  • Winter Wave and Samantha start to investigate the the undead Vory problem.  Crimson informs them that a weird Orc lady from the Caribbean has been seen interacting with some Russians.  

    • But to truly figure it all out, Samantha will need to witness the magic ritual that creates the undead.  They can infiltrate the Vory by either becoming Vory recruits or posing as prostitutes at the wild parties that the Vory have been throwing lately.
  • Consigliere Joseph Lovato meets with each member of The Privileged separately.  No one reveals the true cause of Isabella's death.  Crimson reiterates that she is not pregnant.  Charlie warns that Carlos will lead the Family to ruin and that the family should break tradition and look outside the bloodline for a replacement.  Trash Heap lies about the loss of her arm.  Winter Wave deflects attention away from her crewmates, but attracts more attention to herself.

The Score

The Privileged are offered a job by a mysterious Jester guy on the Matrix.  He wants the crew to retrieve a Dragon Stone that is located somewhere in Denver.  Charlie recognizes that it's the same stone that Aaron Drey is looking for.  Jester tells them to start their search at Klub Karma.

The weird Jester admits that he's not welcomed in Denver, or he would do the job himself.  He also warns that certain dragons will be interested in the Dragon Stone, so it's best to keep their search a secret.

At Klub Karma, Winter Wave shows a lack of courtesy as she brings in Luscious into the restaurant.  Charlie has to pay Lin Yao a cred to calm her down enough for them to have a meeting.

Lin Yao accuses the Privileged of working with the Yakuza but they convince her that not only do they not work for the Yakuza but are in opposition to them.

With the help of An Peng, Ling Yao tells the Privileged that a shadowrunning team named the Collective are responsible for the destruction of the club and the death of Kazuya.  Lin Yao and An Peng tell the Privileged everything they know about the Collective.  

With the help of Luscious, Winter Wave uses her astral perception to follow the astral trail of the Dragon Stone, leading them to a small house in a bad neighborhood in the UCAS Sector.  Winter Wave's active search alerts the target that someone is coming for them.

Surveillance from the outside reveals that entry into the small house will be dangerous.  While the rest of the Privileged argue over who is going to take point, Trash Heap takes charge and kicks down the front door.

Buster, a barghest, attacks Trash Heap as soon as she enters the house.  Buster misses as he goes after Trash Heap's non-existent arm and Trash Heap spins out of the way, dodging Buster's attack.  Trash Heap spots a young girl on the other side of the room and goes after her.

Winter Wave follows up Trash Heap's entry and draws Buster's attention while Charlie guards the back door.  The two duke it out until Buster is slashed to death.  Winter Wave suffers only some minor scratches in the fight thanks to the armor she was wearing.  

In a rage, Trash Heap calls the girl a demon and tackles the young girl who was trying to cast some kind of spell.  The force of the charge smashes the young girl into the back door, causing her ulna to snap.

A teenage boy shows up at the door, apparently here to help Nuala, the young girl, but he is scared away by a menacing Winter Wave.

Charlie opens the back door to find Trash Heap coming to her senses and rushes to protect the young girl, but Nuala realizes that Charlie is with the crazy lady who just broke her arm so she resists his efforts to comfort her.

Trash Heap gets a first aid kid and tries her best to fix up broken Nuala.

Meanwhile, after Luscious is done feeding on Buster, Winter Wave stuffs Buster's corpse into a freezer and begins to search for the Dragon Stone.

But the Dragon Stone is nowhere to be found.  Nuala must have been using some kind of magic to conceal it.  After studying Nuala's commlink, Trash Heap formulates a plan to charm Nuala.  Trash heap dances to a Jackson Five song and starts to sway Nuala a bit, at least calming her down, or confusing her into submission.  Winter Wave loses her patience and mind controls Nuala to get at the Dragon Stone.

While digging in Nuala's backyard to get the buried Dragon Stone, the party is approached by Lin Yao and Aaron Drey.  Charlie deceived Aaron into leaving, but not before promising to contact him when he finds the Dragon Stone.

The crew hides the Dragon Stone at Lowry Airport and Nuala is sent to stay with Darrin, Trash Heap's rocker friend. 

Session Seven Results

  • Payoff:10 Cred, a magical item, and something more upon delivery of Dragon Stone
  • Rep: None (quiet score)
  • Heat: +1 (An Peng sees Winter Wave's vampiric aura)
  • Crew XP: 
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: None
  • Faction changes: None.
  • Injuries sustained: Winter Wave took a level 1 Harm fighting Buster, Nuala sustained a broken arm, Buster died, Charlie took Hug damage
Episode Six: Another Chavez Bites The Dust
Session Six Recap

The Vory Pay a Visit to Lowry

Irina Klavikova and her band of skinheads attempt to take over smuggling operations at Lowry Airport.  While laying down her terms, Huey, chief safety inspector speaks out on behalf of the Chavez Family.  Irina and her men make Freddy, a manual labor orc, pay for Huey's insolent outburst.

Winter Wave doesn't like the idea of Freddy getting beat up for Huey's actions, so she intervenes and starts a fight with Irina's thugs.  Against six skinheads with knives and chains, Winter Wave and her trusty cyber scythe would be in for a dangerous fight.

Before things get deadly, Trash Heap cuts the power to the hanger's lights, making things harder to see for everyone.  Crimson then grabs a hose and shoots fire suppressant foam on the scuffle making it harder for anyone to have steady footing.

Meanwhile, Charlie tries to sneak up behind Irina to subdue her.  But Irina reverses his attempt and judo flips him onto his back, preventing Charlie from being a threat to her.

Winter Wave pushes her magic to the limit as she attempts magically force the skinheads into killing one another.  Her spell causes the skinheads to get bloodlusted and they do go after one another.  But the slippery foam continues to prevent the skinheads from really hurting each other or Winter Wave.

Winter Wave negotiates a deal with Irina to call everything off.  The spell would be released and Irina agreed to not return to Lowry.

Afterwards, The Privileged offer to help out Huey with security for the airport.

Downtime Actions

Funeral services are held for Omar Chavez

  • Winter Wave learns that Don Miguel Chavez wants to safeguard his legacy.
  • Crimson gets introduced to Don Miguel Chavez.  The Don doesn't think she is good for Carlos.
  • Winter Wave offers Don Chavez the gift of vampiric immortality but is rudely turned down.



  • The Omerta Ceremony is held at the Chavez Mansion to induct new members, Trash Heap, Crimson, and Winter Wave into the Chavez Family.  Charlie is notably absent.
  • The Privileged advance to Tier 1, weak hold.
  • The Privileged acquire their first Cohort, a squad of thugs who specialize in physical violence.

    • Each member of the Privilege contributes two squad members to the new Cohort.  Winter Wave recruits Sparkles, an Elven prostitute, and a middle-aged bouncer, both found from the Hub.
    • Trash Heap hires two security guards who formerly worked for his family's corporation.
    • Crimson brings in two people from her underground robot fighting competition.  They prefer to use their drones to do their dirtywork.
    • Luscious, the blood dog, joins the cohort as their official mascot.
    • The qualities of the cohort are fearsome, loyal, and savage.
    • Their first assignment is to guard Lowry Airport and safeguard it against Vory incursions.
  • Charlie and Winter Wave spend some time indulging in their vice
  • Crimson and Winter Wave pay the Fronts a visit.

    • Amy Steur, leader of the Fronts, does not want to help with the attack on the Godz hideout because her gang has just taken devastating losses from the Vory.  Something about undead zombie things and shotguns not being very effective.
    • Crimson and Winter Wave get Carlos Chavez to send some medical help to Amy in the form of two EMTs.
    • Winter Wave promises to help Amy Steur and the Fronts with their zombie infestation problem.
    • Amy Steur agrees to send two of her men to help The Privileged deal with the Godz.  

The Score

The Privilege are tasked with eliminating Isabella Chavez who is secretly hiding at a Godz hangout. They choose a good time to attack when the Godz least expect it.  Trash Heap disables all the vehicles and hacks into the basic computer security system, locking the secret compartments.

The action starts with Winter Wave blasting her way through the front door with grenades, taking out two unsuspecting Godz members.  Winter Wave follows it up by lobbing another grenade at the Godz member on the stage, but this grenade turns out to be a dud.  She may have to have a word with her grenade supplier.

There are still four more Godz members that Winter Wave can see.  But Winter Wave isn't alone as Luscious, the blood dog, jumps through a window and surprise attacks a member of the Godz.  Crimson quickly follows up Winter Wave with her combat drone, prepared for action.

Winter Wave grabs the nearest elf Godz member and drags him into the bathroom.  

Luscious tears out the throat of the surprised Godz member and starts feeding on his blood.

Crimson's drone unleashes automatic fire into the remaining two Godz member, taking them out, but not before sustaining some damage.

Charlie enters the fray, looking for Isabella Chavez.  He checks out the garage area where he finds Hector Casey trying to restart his bike.  Charlie rushes him and takes him down.  Isabella takes a couple shots at Charlie as he rushes Hector, but she misses.

With everyone occupied, Trash Heap has to enter the building to deal with Isabella herself.  She finds Isabella trying to escape beneath the heavy garage door.  Trash Heap lunges to stop Isabella from escaping but gets caught herself and now both of them are stuck and trapped.

A second former Chavez made man arrives from outside the building to help Isabella.  But he is intercepted by Sparkles, newly minted follower of The Privileged.  In her zeal, Sparkles blindly rushes into the fray while dual-wielding shotguns, but her shots go astray and she puts herself in a highly vulnerable situation.  

Crimson comes to Sparkles' rescue with her drone, saving Sparkles from certain death.  Crimson's drone takes out the second of Isabella's personal bodyguards.

Meanwhile, Winter Wave, wrestling with the cell leader, Apollo, takes two taser blasts before overcoming him.  She feeds on him and drains him enough to end his life.

In parallel, Charlie overcomes Hector and finishes him off by choking him out and snapping his neck.   Charlie then catches up with Trash Heap and decides to let Trash Heap finish the job on her own.

Trash Heap wants to make sure Isabella doesn't get away and takes matters into her own hands.  Trash Heap gets her sprite to force the garage door to close.  Isabella struggles to try to escape, but Trash Heap does everything she can to insure that Isabella is permanently dealt with.

With every ounce of her strength, Trash Heap pulls Isabella back far enough so that Isabella gets crushed by the heavy steel garage door.  Trash Heap's determination is so strong that she is willing to risk getting her left arm crushed in the process.  Trash Heap ends up losing an arm but that is a price she was willing to pay.

Session Six Results

  • Payoff: Unrevealed amount of shares of Lakeside Casino
  • Rep: None (the perpetrators of the score are known only to Carlos Chavez and Amy Steur)
  • Heat: +1 (Don Miguel Chavez and Joseph Lovato learn that Winter Wave is a vampire)
  • Crew XP: +5
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: None
  • Faction changes: -1 with the Vory
  • Injuries sustained: Trash Heap got her left arm crushed
Episode Five: I Kissed A Mob Boss, And I Liked It
Session Five Recep


Charlie convinces Carlos Chavez to enlist The Privileged in his plans to deal with his out-of-control older brother, and Sotto Capo, Emilio Chavez.  Charlie was only able to do this after gathering insight on Carlos by eavesdropping on a conversation between Carlos and Omar Chavez weeks before.

Crimson's expert driving skills allowed The Privileged to grab their gear from the clubhouse before heading to Lakeside Casino to stall Emilio Chavez's plans to launch an attack on the Koshari.

Upon arrival at Lakeside Casino, The Privileged find the parking lot stock full of Godz bikers.  The Godz have allied with The Chavez Family and are prepared to join the fight.  The Crew is held up at the entrance and are not allowed to enter until Emilio figures out how to get passed the "broken" door lock to the armory.  Winter Wave convinces the door man that she can help with the locked door, so she is allowed to enter.

Trash Heap takes a moment to hack into the casino's security systems wirelessly.  It's a fairly advanced system, but Trash Heap is able to infiltrate it with ease.  Not only does she find out that Carlos has changed the passcodes to the armory, she also has access to all the cameras and client data.  She uses the cameras to monitor what is going on.

Before smashing open the armory door with her cyber scythe, Winter Wave fakes an apology to Emilio and tricks him into imbibing a poisoned alcoholic drink.  The poison is meant to dull his senses and kill him later in the night.

With access to all the guns and body armor stored in the armory, Emilio orders the first of many assault groups to enter to arm themselves, but Trash Heap reacts by locking all the doors to the casino, preventing anyone from getting in or out.

Adding to the confusion, Isabella Chavez rolls up in her shiny sports car and demands to see her father.  When she learns that the doors are locked, she gets in her sports car and smashes it into a wall of the casino, injuring herself in the process.  Isabella is taken away by some Chavez guards, but Emilio is much closer to arming all his men.

Carlos Chavez finally shows up with his own men.  All of them are heavily armed and armored.  Carlos takes The Privileged with him to the back entrance.  Trash Heap unlocks the doors so that Carlos can confront his older brother.

After a brief verbal exchange, Carlos and his men open fire on Emilio and his men.  Trash Heap makes an attempt to disable the guns on Emilio's side, but she encountered a state-of-the-art firewall that she has never seen before.  The black ice of the matrix defenses fry her nerves and Trash Heap is forced to dumpshock.  

Crimson uses her drone to gun down three of Emilio's men.  Charlie spears Billy Kidd, who is the last one protecting Emilio, paralyzing Billy in the process.  Winter Wave sees an opening and brutally attacked Emilio, but eats some bullets to the chest in the process.  Winter Wave is then forced to feed on Billy to recover.

Charlie disarms Emilio and presents him to Carlos in a defeated state.  Carlos offers Emilio one last chance to cooperate, but Emilio spits blood in his face.  Carlos ends it by putting a bullet in Emilio's head.

With the help of The Privileged, Carlos Chavez is now unofficially Sotto Capo and head of The Chavez Family's operations in Denver.  

Downtime Actions

  • The Privileged answer Carlos Chavez's call to arms.  Both The Chavez Family and The Privileged are in a state of war.  Members of The Privileged spend time helping to defend Lakeside Casino.
  • Crimson spends a lot of time giving Carlos Chavez "emotional support."  She strengthens her relationship with Carlos and at the same time gets a behind the scenes look at the Chavez Family operations.
  • Charlie finds some time to enjoy his homeless hunger games.
  • Charlie finds Yorl Haas, an unstable expert bomb diffuser of immense skill.  Yorl wants Charlie to gather highly regulated bomb making components in exchange for his bomb making services.
  • Trash Heap visits Doc Dufreyn for help with her fried nerves suffered from dumpshock.  She tells Doc Dufreyn about her crazy life.
  • Trash Heap escapes to the matrix for recover some of her edge.
  • Trash Heap hacks into Knight Errant records and scrambles their data on the investigation of the 500 Defiance Shotguns that have gone missing.  This slows down Knight Errant's investigation.
  • Winter Wave recovers a bit by feeding on an unsuspecting victim from the clubs.
  • Winter Wave finds a dog trainer crazy enough to help her out with training Luscious, her new blood dog.  
  • Winter Wave pieces together bits of information to figure out where Isabella Chavez is hiding.  She takes this information to Crimson who then takes this information to Carlos Chavez.
  • Carlos Chavez gets The Privileged to agree to eliminate his rival, 19-year old Isabella Chavez.

Results of Session Four and Five:

  • Payoff: Promise of shares of Lakeside Casino at the end of the war
  • Rep: +10
  • Heat: 9 (4 for loud & chaotic, +1 for high profile target, +2 for killing involved, +1 for someone noticing Winter Wave being a vampire from a masquerade party, +1 for Carlos learning that Winter Wave is a vampire)
  • Crew XP: +6 (will do Crew XP again at start of next session)
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: Expensive vase sold for 1 Cred, Lakeside Casino clientele data
  • Faction changes: Chavez Family increased to +3
  • Additional notes: Heat -6 from Reduce Heat actions, Rep -7 on extra Downtime Actions
Dog traing

writing this in case of death

While helping my teammate i saw the more adorable dog locked in a cage being mistreated by theses fools and their robots once everyone was busy watching the fight i made my move and with sam took it 

it seem to be getting hungey so i look for blood asked my cousion if he had anything and turn out he did so me and the dog went down to his lab as it was feeding i started talking to it and now i am going to start to teach it hopefully it be good in the futher 

Episode Four: Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Made Men
Session Four Recap

Downtime Actions

  • The magical pegasus meat is sold to Aaron Drey for 7 Cred.
  • Winter Wave, Trash Heap and Crimson find a discreet buyer for the shotguns in return for 15 Cred.
  • The Privileged receive a lot of calls from potential wealthy clients interested in hiring them for their "discreet courier" services.  Trash Heap's sprite doesn't do a very good job checking into the backgrounds of these potential clients, but a fixer, Tabby Morgan, is hired to help screen out law enforcement and rivals.
  • Charlie bribes Luna Sez with a puppy to encourage her to run fake news stories about the Godz and their anti-Ghostwalker stance.  This reduces the heat on The Privileged.
  • Charlie spends the rest of his free time training.
  • Winter Wave and Samantha start up what is totally not a vampire feeding den but instead a place for magically inclined individuals to hang out in the Hub.
  • Winter Wave befriends a Knight Errant officer.  Officer Ricky agrees to help lower the heat on the team, but he doesn't have a whole lot of sway at his job just yet.  
  • Crimson puts an end to the use of animals at the underground robot fighting events.  She does this by putting on a fantastic spectacle of robot fighting pageantry.  Jake and Angle are very appreciative of Crimson's actions.
  • Winter Wave liberates and adopts a blood dog from its cage and names him Luscious.
  • Trash Heap hangs out with her rocker friend, Devin.  She gifts him the lost songs from the iPod she found and helps digitally clean up some of the poor quality recordings.  Devin tells Trash Heap that his dream is to play at the Red Rock Amphitheatre.


  • Winter Wave is picked up by a Knight Errant patrol and taken in for questioning.  She reveals nothing even after being on the receiving end of their toughest interrogation tactics.  
  • Winter Wave turns the tables on officer Broady "Beantown" Ripley, causing him to piss his pants.  She takes a picture of the incident and shares it with officer Ricky.  She encourages him to use it to embarrass Beantown.


The Privileged attend Omar Chavez's 80th birthday masquerade party.  They start off by gifting him the samurai armor stolen from the Denver Art Musuem.  Omar Chavez is so pleased with the gift that he insists The Privileged sit at a much more prominent table, closer to the front.

Before dinner, Charlie runs into Big Tuna, a Mafioso soldato.  Big Tuna sees Charlie as an interloper and goes to escort him out.  Charlie turns the tables on Big Tuna and pins him against the wall, knocking over an expensive vase and causing a big scene.  Winter Wave "cleans" up the mess by stealing the vase.  Big Tuna gains some respect for Charlie before diffusing the scene and leaving to speak with Michael, head of security.

During the dinner, The Privileged pick up a lot of dirt on the Yakuza from the masked guests also seated at their table.  Toasts are made by Omar Chavez's two sons.  Emilio Chavez, the older, drunk brother is loud and boisterous during dinner.  Carlos Chavez, the younger, more reserved brother makes sure his tuxedo is immaculate.

After the dinner, Charlie is approached by Raven, Emilio Chavez's daughter.  Charlie spurns her advances and she accuses him of being homosexual before moving on to another boy toy.

Crimson is approached by Carlos Chavez and the two enjoy a heated tango, stirring a lot of gossip among the guests.  

An emergency abruptly ends the party and the guests are asked to leave.  The Privileged are asked to stay and it is revealed the Omar Chavez was the victim of a successful hit.  Several other Chavez Family security guards have been killed.  A raven feather is blatantly left behind on each of dead body, including Omar's.  

Trash Heap uses her technomancy to learn that the security cameras have been tampered with and all footage from the night's festivities have been erased.

Emilio Chavez is furious and demands immediate revenge.  Most of the Made Men in the room agree and they prepare to launch an attack on the Koshari whom Emilio says is behind the murder.  Carlos Chavez agrees with the Crew that it is unlikely to be the Koshari, but Carlos cannot pinpoint the likely culprit.  

Reasoning with a drunk Emilio Chavez proves futile and Winter Wave almost attacks Emilio over it, but is held back by her teammates.  Trash Heap takes a serious blow during the scuffle as one of Emilio's men decks her by accident.

As new leader of the Chavez Family's operations in Denver, Emilio Chavez orders everyone to immediately head to Lakeside Casino to arm up before striking back at the Koshari for their dishonorable act of war.

Results (still pending completion of score)

  • Payoff: None.
  • Rep: 
  • Heat: 
  • Crew XP: 
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: Expensive vase
  • Faction changes: 
Episode Three: A Samurai Night
Session Three Recap

Downtime Actions

  • Winter Wave and Samantha work the nightclubs, seeking out victims for discreet feedings.
  • Winter Wave spends some quality time with Anna Rose, the Biotech specialist she hired to build her a cloaking suit.  
  • Winter Wave attempts to get a homeless person to confess to the crimes of The Privileged but instead, has to "quiet" him because he was not cooperating.
  • Charlie helps Luna Sez with a news report about Tristan making his way to Denver.  The story gains some traction, furthering Luna's career.
  • Trash Heap and Crimson map out of the underground tunnels beneath the city of Denver.   Crimson is able to quickly map the tunnels with the help of her drone.  Winter Wave provides protection during the operation.
  • Trash Heap uses a Sprite to re-direct some drug shipments to Doc Dufreyn.  
  • Crimson makes a new friend in Merpett, a mysterious magical being that was trapped inside an iPod.
  • Crimson's friend gets picked up by Knight Errant for questioning.  She spends 2 Cred on a lawyer to prevent any more trouble.


To get access to some of the richest people in Denver, The Privileged get themselves invited to opening night of a new art exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.  Crimson and Charlie agree to seriously consider purchasing some artwork from the charity auction in order to get their invites.

There is a lot of security and patrons slowing down the Crew's efforts to get inside.  With some smooth talking, Winter Wave helps get the team inside quickly, but not before security can place a headjammer on her cyberarm.

Inside, Winter Wave and Luna Sez don't seem to get along too well.  Winter Wave tries to intimidate Luna into doing what she wants.  Charlie doesn't interfere.

Of all the invitees, Aaron Drey stands out the most.  Aaron is an art connoisseur and an antiquities collector, so Charlie approaches him to advertise The Privilege's services.  Charlie convinces Aaron to hire the crew for small smuggling jobs.  Aaron warns Charlie to keep a low profile as Lucho Casquilho and his men are everywhere.

The rest of the Privilege decide to demonstrate their skills by stealing a suit of samurai armor that is on exhibit.  

Trash Heap starts the action by using a sprite to disable the security cameras.  Then, Winter Wave eats hors d'oeuvres which causes her to get violently sick.  The distracts enough people to allow Crimson, with the help of Merpett, to disable the RFID tag on the samurai armor.  Not only does Crimson disable the tracking device, she is also able to set off the fire alarm.

Green foam is sprayed everywhere as everyone inside the building is asked to evacuate.  During the commotion, The Privilege grab pieces of the Samurai armor and sneak out of the building without being accosted by security.

Charlie leaves a calling card identifying The Privileged as the perpetrators of the heist.  

Bonus Scene

Charlie meets with Aaron Drey later in the week.  Aaron identifies the mysterious meat is magical stasis to be wild pegasus meat.  Aaron offers 6 Cred for the meat, but Charlie doesn't wish to make the sale just yet.

Aaron also shows Charlie a drawing of a marbled stone laced with threads of golden metal.  Aaron says his boss is willing to pay a lot of nuyen for this stone.  Charlie learns that the stone is some kind of information storage device from the 4th world.


  • Payoff: 0 Cred 
  • Rep: +4 
  • Heat: Net +7 (Loud and chaotic, well-connected target, hostile turf, Luna Sez learns that Winter Wave is a vampire, leaving behind calling card) (-1 for Just Passing Through)
  • Crew XP: +7
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: Denver Art Museum claim: new wealthy clients (will have to make some more rolls to vette them), an authentic full suit of Samurai Armor (worth at least 8 cred)
  • Faction changes: none yet
The Hungry Games: Day 16

So I unleashed a cloud of “Randy Gas” into the compound.  This is a concoction of my own that maximizes pleasure, energy, stamina, and makes everything smell like Lavender.  … Suffice it to say, everyone is severely dehydrated.  I’m surprised the men still have bones!


The community of hobos have called it a reward from The Decider…Stupid hobos…



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