Tag: Mafia


  • Emilio Chavez (deceased)

    Eldest son of [[:omar-chavez | Omar Chavez]] and presumed to be next in line to lead the [[The Chavez Family | Chavez Family's]] operations in Denver. Brash, thrill junkie. Most love him for his strong passion for life, but others see him as being too …

  • Carlos Chavez

    Unmarried younger brother of Emilio Chavez. In contrast to his hot-headed older brother, Carlos is cold and reserved. Promoted himself to Sotto Capo after killing his older brother, [[:emilio-chavez | Emilio Chavez ]]

  • Miguel Chavez

    Miguel "Caesar" Chavez is Omar Chavez's father. The Don of the Chavez Family runs operations in Dallas. Thanks to leonization, looks to be in his mid 40's even though he is over 100 years old.

  • Isabella Chavez

    Hot tempered like her father. A case can be made that she should inherit control of the Chavez Family in Denver. While under the protection of Apollo and the Godz, Isabella Chavez was killed by The Privileged. Trash Heap assured Isabella's death by …