Shadowrun: Chummers In Low Places

The Aztlan Job
Session One Recap


  • Winter Wave agrees to join the Crew after a meeting at the clubhouse.
  • The Crew agrees to park the truck loaded with shotguns somewhere on the premises of their clubhouse.  
  • The Crew makes a deal with the leader of the Fronts, Amy Steur.  In exchange for 100 shotguns, they will be allowed usage of Ida Dufreyn, a street doctor in the CAS Sector.
  • Winter Wave spends time working on extracting her girlfriend from the UK and reducing the team's heat.
  • The rest of the Crew focus on healing up after their damaging encounter with the Godz gangers.


  • The Crew agrees to smuggle 5 Aztlan citizens and two of their pets into Denver city limits
  • A pair of interceptor drones are rendered toothless after Trash Heap sends a couple Great Power sprites to deal with them
  • Trash Heap doctors the flight records to indicate that their T-Bird is arriving from Atlanta so that the Crew can land at Lowry Airport.  
  • Winter Wave challenges Bianca to a sparring match.  Winter Waves wins but hurts her hip in the process.
  • Winter Wave suffers a damaged cyberarm trying to pet one of the barghests.


  • Payoff: +6 Cred for successful score
  • Rep: +6
  • Heat: +3
  • Additional gains: Claimed Street Doc, mysterious cargo
  • Faction changes: +1 with the Fronts, -1 with the Godz
Session Zero Recap

The fledgling smugglers, on their first job, avoid getting screwed over by their client, Sappho.  But a fight breaks out between the smugglers and a gang of six Godz members.

  • Charlie convinces Sappho to pay up, using a frag grenade as a bargaining tool.  Kobe miscalculates the length of the timer and the grenade goes off while he is holding it.  The blast doesn't kill him but it does take him out of the action temporarily.
  • Crimson uses her worker drones to take out two of the panicked Godz gangers.  The drones are tied up keeping the gangers subdued.
  • Trash Heap uses her technomancer powers to disable all of the Godz shotguns.  This causes two of them to flee the scene, but the remaining two target Kobe with their fists.
  • Crimson and Trash Heap engage the Godz members in hand-to-hand combat, but struggle against the well-trained gangers, taing significant injuries.
  • Kobe makes a desperate move to leap over a ganger while depositing a live grenade into the ganger's hoodie.  The dangerous maneuver works and the ganger dies from shrapnel to the back of his head.
  • Crimson makes another attempt at taking down the last ganger, but a straight kick to the chest from the ganger keeps her at bay by breaking some of her ribs.
  • Kobe, still recovering from a concussion, manages to hold down the last ganger, to allow his crew to subdue the final ganger.


  • Payoff: 6 Cred for delivery of the shipment.  1 Cred for retrieval of the Godz gangers
  • Rep: 4 (lowered to 2 during downtime)
  • Heat: 3 (lowered to 1 during downtime)
  • Additional gains: 500 unassembled T-250 Defiance Shotguns
  • Crew XP: 7


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