The Privileged


Tier: 1, Weak Hold
Type: Smugglers
Reputation: Strange and ?
Lair: Somewhere in the CAS Sector
Heat: 4
Wanted Level: 2
Stored Cred: 0
Rep: 6
XP: 1

Status: +3 with Chavez Family, +1 with the Fronts, -1 with the Yamato Clan, -1 with the Godz, -1 with the Vory
(updated after Session Six)

Tier 1 Cohort with Loyal and Savage qualities

Purchased Special Abilities
Just Passing Through: During downtime, take -1 Heat. You get +1d to deceive people when you pass yourselves off as ordinary wage slaves.
Yarn-Spinning: Each PC may add +1 skill point in either acting, influence, or bureaucracy.
Chummers in Low Places : (from Fact Finders) When you indulge in your vice, you can also gather information.

Available Special Abilities
Coyotes – When you smuggle people for a run, take +1d on the engagement roll.
All Hands – During downtime, one of your cohorts may perform a downtime activity for the crew to acquire an asset, reduce Heat, or work on a long-term project.
Parkour – All teammates gain +1d when engaging in running, jumping or climbing.
Leverage – Your crew supplies illicit goods for other factions. Your success is good for them. Whenever you gain Rep, gain 1 additional Rep.
Go-Gangers – When you go into conflict aboard a vehicle, you gain +1 effect for vehicle damage and speed. Your vehicle gains armor. If your vehicle already has armor, it now has an additional armor box.
Mentor – Choose a special ability from another list. May be taken twice.

Purchased Upgrades
VehicleGMC Banshee
Training: Personal. – Gain one additional XP when training for special abilities during downtime.
Training: Presence
Workshop – For making stuff.
Camouflage – Parked vehicles are perfectly concealed.
Composed – All player characters add +1 Edge to their pool. Max is now 10.
Secure Lair


The Privileged

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