Shadowrun: Chummers In Low Places

Episode Two: Orcish Blood, English Heart

Session Two Recap

Downtime Actions

  • The Privileged pay a visit to Ida Dufreyn to inform her of their new arrangement with Amy Steur .  Doc Dufreyn does not take it very well.  
  • Doc Dufreyn hands the team a list of desperately needed medical supplies
  • Crimson focuses on healing herself back to 100% with the help of Doc Dufreyn.
  • Winter Wave gets her broken cyber arm fixed after a visit to Doc Tico.  Winter Wave also finds a Biotech specialist and commissions her to work on a stealth device. 
  • The Privilege open a crate destined for the Church of the Dragon Reborn.  Inside they find assorted junk.  Winter Wave takes the children's drawings, Charlie takes the lunch box and dragon egg movie prop.  Crimson and Trash Heap agree to split the ipod.  The mysterious meat is still in limbo.


Winter Wave is ready to rescue her girlfriend, Samantha.  She finds it surprisingly easy to convince the rest of her crew to help her out even though they would not get paid for the job.

Meeting at a secluded cottage in the countryside, Samantha surprises The Privileged by introducing her new vampire friend, Tristan.  Tristan wants to get revenge on George, a branch manager of Hearts Investment, for scamming him out of his fortune.  This must be done before he leaves.  The Privileged agree to help him do this as well as transport him to North America.  Tristan agrees to give them the gift of immortality when they complete their end of the bargain.

Trash Heap researches ways of transporting a vampire safely, but the crew realizes Tristan would not agree to be submerged for the entire trip.  

It would be too messy and risky to try to kill George at his office in London, so the Crew hatches a plan to lure George out.  Charlie is instrumental in convincing Tristan that this is a good plan.  Out of sight, out of mind, the rest of The Privileged hang out at a local pub with Charlie wearing a ridiculous bee outfit.

Using sprites, Trash Heap crafts a fake email from George's boss, luring him out to the cottage on an assignment.  There, George meets Samantha and Winter Wave.  Winter Wave fails to lure George into the bedroom where Tristan is waiting to make the kill.  George tries to escape but is cut down by Winter Wave.  Tristan finishes the job on poor George.  They leave a grisly murder scene and a message that blames Hearts Investments for the death of George.

To celebrate, Tristan feeds on Winter Wave, Samantha and Charlie.  The rest of the return trip is uneventful as Tristan was mightily satisfied with what transpired.

Back in Denver, Tristan turns both Winter Wave and Samantha into vampires.  Feeling unsafe in Denver, Tristan leaves for Las Vegas as suggested to him by the crew.

Bonus Scene

Winter Wave pays Bianca a visit on the campus of Anahuac University.  They agree to meet up with fellow Olympian athlete, Valentino.  The three spend some time in a dorm room during which Winter Wave feeds on Bianca.  Bianca confronts Winter Wave about this and does not react well.

Bianca and Valentino attempt to return to their safehouse.  Winter Wave stalks them with the intention of silencing them permanently but is unable to sneak up on them successfully.  Bianca and Valentino get away. 

Bianca ends all contact with Winter Wave.


  • Payoff: 0 Cred 
  • Rep: +4 
  • Heat: +7 (High exposure, killing involved, Bianca learning that Winter Wave is a vampire, Charlie being conspicuous) (-1 for Just Passing Through)
  • Crew XP: +8
  • Entanglement: Rivals
  • Additional gains: New contact Samantha, New contact Tristan, assorted items from misdirected cargo
  • Additional notes: Samantha and Winter Wave are now vampires
  • Faction changes: none.


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