Shadowrun: Chummers In Low Places

Episode Three: A Samurai Night

Session Three Recap

Downtime Actions

  • Winter Wave and Samantha work the nightclubs, seeking out victims for discreet feedings.
  • Winter Wave spends some quality time with Anna Rose, the Biotech specialist she hired to build her a cloaking suit.  
  • Winter Wave attempts to get a homeless person to confess to the crimes of The Privileged but instead, has to "quiet" him because he was not cooperating.
  • Charlie helps Luna Sez with a news report about Tristan making his way to Denver.  The story gains some traction, furthering Luna's career.
  • Trash Heap and Crimson map out of the underground tunnels beneath the city of Denver.   Crimson is able to quickly map the tunnels with the help of her drone.  Winter Wave provides protection during the operation.
  • Trash Heap uses a Sprite to re-direct some drug shipments to Doc Dufreyn.  
  • Crimson makes a new friend in Merpett, a mysterious magical being that was trapped inside an iPod.
  • Crimson's friend gets picked up by Knight Errant for questioning.  She spends 2 Cred on a lawyer to prevent any more trouble.


To get access to some of the richest people in Denver, The Privileged get themselves invited to opening night of a new art exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.  Crimson and Charlie agree to seriously consider purchasing some artwork from the charity auction in order to get their invites.

There is a lot of security and patrons slowing down the Crew's efforts to get inside.  With some smooth talking, Winter Wave helps get the team inside quickly, but not before security can place a headjammer on her cyberarm.

Inside, Winter Wave and Luna Sez don't seem to get along too well.  Winter Wave tries to intimidate Luna into doing what she wants.  Charlie doesn't interfere.

Of all the invitees, Aaron Drey stands out the most.  Aaron is an art connoisseur and an antiquities collector, so Charlie approaches him to advertise The Privilege's services.  Charlie convinces Aaron to hire the crew for small smuggling jobs.  Aaron warns Charlie to keep a low profile as Lucho Casquilho and his men are everywhere.

The rest of the Privilege decide to demonstrate their skills by stealing a suit of samurai armor that is on exhibit.  

Trash Heap starts the action by using a sprite to disable the security cameras.  Then, Winter Wave eats hors d'oeuvres which causes her to get violently sick.  The distracts enough people to allow Crimson, with the help of Merpett, to disable the RFID tag on the samurai armor.  Not only does Crimson disable the tracking device, she is also able to set off the fire alarm.

Green foam is sprayed everywhere as everyone inside the building is asked to evacuate.  During the commotion, The Privilege grab pieces of the Samurai armor and sneak out of the building without being accosted by security.

Charlie leaves a calling card identifying The Privileged as the perpetrators of the heist.  

Bonus Scene

Charlie meets with Aaron Drey later in the week.  Aaron identifies the mysterious meat is magical stasis to be wild pegasus meat.  Aaron offers 6 Cred for the meat, but Charlie doesn't wish to make the sale just yet.

Aaron also shows Charlie a drawing of a marbled stone laced with threads of golden metal.  Aaron says his boss is willing to pay a lot of nuyen for this stone.  Charlie learns that the stone is some kind of information storage device from the 4th world.


  • Payoff: 0 Cred 
  • Rep: +4 
  • Heat: Net +7 (Loud and chaotic, well-connected target, hostile turf, Luna Sez learns that Winter Wave is a vampire, leaving behind calling card) (-1 for Just Passing Through)
  • Crew XP: +7
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: Denver Art Museum claim: new wealthy clients (will have to make some more rolls to vette them), an authentic full suit of Samurai Armor (worth at least 8 cred)
  • Faction changes: none yet


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