Shadowrun: Chummers In Low Places

Episode Four: Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Made Men

Session Four Recap

Downtime Actions

  • The magical pegasus meat is sold to Aaron Drey for 7 Cred.
  • Winter Wave, Trash Heap and Crimson find a discreet buyer for the shotguns in return for 15 Cred.
  • The Privileged receive a lot of calls from potential wealthy clients interested in hiring them for their "discreet courier" services.  Trash Heap's sprite doesn't do a very good job checking into the backgrounds of these potential clients, but a fixer, Tabby Morgan, is hired to help screen out law enforcement and rivals.
  • Charlie bribes Luna Sez with a puppy to encourage her to run fake news stories about the Godz and their anti-Ghostwalker stance.  This reduces the heat on The Privileged.
  • Charlie spends the rest of his free time training.
  • Winter Wave and Samantha start up what is totally not a vampire feeding den but instead a place for magically inclined individuals to hang out in the Hub.
  • Winter Wave befriends a Knight Errant officer.  Officer Ricky agrees to help lower the heat on the team, but he doesn't have a whole lot of sway at his job just yet.  
  • Crimson puts an end to the use of animals at the underground robot fighting events.  She does this by putting on a fantastic spectacle of robot fighting pageantry.  Jake and Angle are very appreciative of Crimson's actions.
  • Winter Wave liberates and adopts a blood dog from its cage and names him Luscious.
  • Trash Heap hangs out with her rocker friend, Devin.  She gifts him the lost songs from the iPod she found and helps digitally clean up some of the poor quality recordings.  Devin tells Trash Heap that his dream is to play at the Red Rock Amphitheatre.


  • Winter Wave is picked up by a Knight Errant patrol and taken in for questioning.  She reveals nothing even after being on the receiving end of their toughest interrogation tactics.  
  • Winter Wave turns the tables on officer Broady "Beantown" Ripley, causing him to piss his pants.  She takes a picture of the incident and shares it with officer Ricky.  She encourages him to use it to embarrass Beantown.


The Privileged attend Omar Chavez's 80th birthday masquerade party.  They start off by gifting him the samurai armor stolen from the Denver Art Musuem.  Omar Chavez is so pleased with the gift that he insists The Privileged sit at a much more prominent table, closer to the front.

Before dinner, Charlie runs into Big Tuna, a Mafioso soldato.  Big Tuna sees Charlie as an interloper and goes to escort him out.  Charlie turns the tables on Big Tuna and pins him against the wall, knocking over an expensive vase and causing a big scene.  Winter Wave "cleans" up the mess by stealing the vase.  Big Tuna gains some respect for Charlie before diffusing the scene and leaving to speak with Michael, head of security.

During the dinner, The Privileged pick up a lot of dirt on the Yakuza from the masked guests also seated at their table.  Toasts are made by Omar Chavez's two sons.  Emilio Chavez, the older, drunk brother is loud and boisterous during dinner.  Carlos Chavez, the younger, more reserved brother makes sure his tuxedo is immaculate.

After the dinner, Charlie is approached by Raven, Emilio Chavez's daughter.  Charlie spurns her advances and she accuses him of being homosexual before moving on to another boy toy.

Crimson is approached by Carlos Chavez and the two enjoy a heated tango, stirring a lot of gossip among the guests.  

An emergency abruptly ends the party and the guests are asked to leave.  The Privileged are asked to stay and it is revealed the Omar Chavez was the victim of a successful hit.  Several other Chavez Family security guards have been killed.  A raven feather is blatantly left behind on each of dead body, including Omar's.  

Trash Heap uses her technomancy to learn that the security cameras have been tampered with and all footage from the night's festivities have been erased.

Emilio Chavez is furious and demands immediate revenge.  Most of the Made Men in the room agree and they prepare to launch an attack on the Koshari whom Emilio says is behind the murder.  Carlos Chavez agrees with the Crew that it is unlikely to be the Koshari, but Carlos cannot pinpoint the likely culprit.  

Reasoning with a drunk Emilio Chavez proves futile and Winter Wave almost attacks Emilio over it, but is held back by her teammates.  Trash Heap takes a serious blow during the scuffle as one of Emilio's men decks her by accident.

As new leader of the Chavez Family's operations in Denver, Emilio Chavez orders everyone to immediately head to Lakeside Casino to arm up before striking back at the Koshari for their dishonorable act of war.

Results (still pending completion of score)

  • Payoff: None.
  • Rep: 
  • Heat: 
  • Crew XP: 
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: Expensive vase
  • Faction changes: 


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