Shadowrun: Chummers In Low Places

Episode Five: I Kissed A Mob Boss, And I Liked It

Session Five Recep


  • Carlos Chavez kills his older brother, Emilio Chavez with the help of The Privileged.  Carlos Chavez is now unofficially Sotto Capo and head of The Chavez Family's operations in Denver.
  • (more to be added)

Downtime Actions

  • The Privileged answer Carlos Chavez's call to arms.  Both The Chavez Family and The Privileged are in a state of war.  Members of The Privileged spend time helping to defend Lakeside Casino.
  • Crimson spends a lot of time giving Carlos Chavez "emotional support."  She strengthens her relationship with Carlos and at the same time gets a behind the scenes look at the Chavez Family operations.
  • Charlie finds some time to enjoy his homeless hunger games.
  • Charlie finds Yorl Haas, an unstable expert bomb diffuser of immense skill.  Yorl wants Charlie to gather highly regulated bomb making components in exchange for his bomb making services.
  • Trash Heap visits Doc Dufreyn for help with her fried nerves suffered from dumpshock.  She tells Doc Dufreyn about her crazy life.
  • Trash Heap escapes to the matrix for recover some of her edge.
  • Trash Heap hacks into Knight Errant records and scrambles their data on the investigation of the 500 Defiance Shotguns that have gone missing.  This slows down Knight Errant's investigation.
  • Winter Wave recovers a bit by feeding on an unsuspecting victim from the clubs.
  • Winter Wave finds a dog trainer crazy enough to help her out with training Luscious, her new blood dog.  
  • Winter Wave pieces together bits of information to figure out where Isabella Chavez is hiding.  She takes this information to Crimson who then takes this information to Carlos Chavez.
  • Carlos Chavez gets The Privileged to agree to eliminate his rival, 19-year old Isabella Chavez.

Results of Session Four and Five:

  • Payoff: Promise of shares of Lakeside Casino at the end of the war
  • Rep: +10
  • Heat: 9 (4 for loud & chaotic, +1 for high profile target, +2 for killing involved, +1 for someone noticing Winter Wave being a vampire from a masquerade party, +1 for Carlos learning that Winter Wave is a vampire)
  • Crew XP: +6 (will do Crew XP again at start of next session)
  • Entanglement: ??? 
  • Additional gains: Expensive vase sold for 1 Cred, Lakeside Casino clientele data
  • Faction changes: Chavez Family increased to +3
  • Additional notes: Heat -6 from Reduce Heat actions, Rep -7 on extra Downtime Actions


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