Q – "How many years and editions will it be before they give us a Shadowrun edition thats easier to play, not riddled with errors and not riddled with bad quality control in the game line?"

A – "If they ever did then people would complain that it wasn't ShadowRun anymore."

Shadowrun: Chummers In Low Places is a role playing game that is being played in the Shadowrun Universe using the Blades In the Dark ruleset.

Game is currently underway.  If you have any questions, please email the GM at bleach16888@gmail.com.

GM Progress as of 03/27/2017:

  • Gathering players 100%
  • World Building 90%
  • Wiki Entries 80%  
  • Rules proficiency 90%
  • Content 70%

Will be updated regularly.

Shadowrun: Chummers In Low Places

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